"Bravery, will and common sense
are all an actor needs."

- David Mamet


Practical aesthetics australia

PAA was established in 1998 by Atlantic Theater Company founding member, Melissa Bruder and Sydney actor Andrea Moor, as the official Sydney Annex of the Atlantic Acting School, NYC.

 The Sydney program is designed for actors with busy schedules who are looking for a strong foundation in an acting technique that is applicable to any text in film, theatre or television. Classes cover a thorough Introduction to the technique, including Script Analysis, Scene Study, and Performance Technique. Continuing students can attend a Mixed/Intermediate levels Scene Class.

Practical Aesthetics encourages the actor to make clear, economical choices that will bring the best of him or herself to a role. Simplicity, commitment, and the truth of the moment are AS important as remaining true to the intentions of the script.   Acting is approached as a set of skills, which, like carpentry, can be learned with discipline and assiduous practice.  The Technique is designed to help FREE the actor to do his or her job, which is to tell the story.

 The Sydney classes are taught by Melissa Bruder, Atlantic Theater Company founding member and co-author of  A Practical Handbook for the Actor.